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Confucius Wisdom A Premium Baijiu CONFUCIUS WISDOMTM A Premium Baijiu, "white liquor" (白酒”) Baijiu—China's national drink Like Scotch is in Scotland, Baijiu is China’s national drink.

In the long history of China, Baijiu is used to connect one’s soul with Qi—the energy of the universe. Its unique brewage brings health benefits along with its distinctive aroma and tastes. Once called ShaoJiu ("hot liquor") in the history, the name was adopted by Japanese as Shochu and by Korean as SoJu. Baijiu—The world’s oldest spirit category Older than vodka, whisky, rum, brandy, gin, and tequila, Baijiu can be dated back to 7000 years ago. The earliest archeological evidence was from the Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). Baijiu—The most popular spirit on earth Leading the global spirit market with 31 % of the market share, the largest number of consumers and the highest production, Baijiu is, no doubt, the No 1 spirit in the world. Vodka, the next largest category, accounted for only 19%. (2009 McKinsey & Co.) Confucius WisdomTM — World’s Oldest Spirit Tradition The tradition of this revered spirit dates back to 2500 years ago (500 B.C.). Originated from the Master’s family distillery, this baijiu was once served only to emperors and aristocrats. Confucius WisdomTM — How is it different from other spirits? Confucius Wisdom combines the beauties of Rum, Whisky and Vodka into one liquor. Its main ingredient is sorghum, which is a close cousin of sugar cane, the main ingredient used in Rum. Confucius Wisdom uses a double fermentation technique which is similar to the process used to produce single malt scotch. The liquor is clear in color like Vodka, but has a lively fragrant aroma and lingering sweet tastes. Isn’t it cool? Try it. Confucius WisdomTM —How to enjoy it? engage your senses to connect with Qi. • See the clarity, which is crystal-clear against the light. • Smell the joyful fragrance of flowers. Connect with Nature and Qi. • Sip. Let the taste move from the tip to the back of the tongue, as delicate flavors burst forth. Like other liquors, you can enjoy Confucius Wisdom straight, on the rocks, with food, after dinner, or as a cocktail. For recipes, visit Tradition holds that after 300 shots, Baijiu will reveal its secrets. However, many have found after just 100 shots, they are in love with baijiu. So grab a bottle. Pour yourself some Wisdom. Experience the ancient mystery of Qi. Revel in an exotic world. Ganbei! (Chinese for “Toast” and “Straight up!”)

Mission: Bring the oldest spirit tradition to you!

Confucius Wisdom's cover photo

Confucius Wisdom's cover photo

Confucius Wisdom's cover photo

Confucius Wisdom's cover photo

Think you know about drinks? Think again!

An American's first encounter of Confucius Wisdom--A Wise Man's Spirit (Chinese White Spirit). Baijiu, /Buy Jo/, is the Spirit of China. It is a unique fragrant white spirits, different than any spirits previous sold in the U.S. It is the oldest distilled spirits and also the most imbibed globally nowadays. Get a shot of the Wisdom.


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