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Follow our new page for the latest updates:

Coronavirus Updates:
- U.S. adds 73K more cases; Dr. Anthony Fauci says end of COVID-19 'not even close'
- A 46 percent spike in Covid-19 patients strains the capacities of hospitals in the U.S.
- France announces nationwide lockdown, schools and work will continue
- German states have agreed to impose a partial lockdown: "We have to act, and we have to act now, to avoid a national health emergency," Merkel says - REU
- EU leaders urged to aid transfer of Covid patients between member states
- Belgian hospitals forced into 'bad decision' of using doctors infected with COVID-19
- Pakistan makes masks mandatory as virus cases climb
S. Korea: New virus cases above 100 for 2nd day, cluster infections remain problem
- In Australia, the lockdown that felt as if it might last forever has finally ended.

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The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Storm Molave, the worst to hit Vietnam in the last two decades according to experts, was fast approaching the central coastline on Wednesday morning and has already claimed two lives.

The storm comes as the central region is still reeling from the impacts of historic flooding and successive storms since earlier this month which have resulted in the death of at least 130 people, with 18 still missing. Some 7 million people have been affected by the disaster.

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The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Coronavirus Updates:
- U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass Summer Peak And Are Climbing Higher Fast
- White House lists ending Covid-19 pandemic as an accomplishment despite cases spiking to record levels
- French President Macron considering nationwide lockdown as curfews have failed to stop coronavirus - Le Figaro
- Putin mandates face masks as Russia combats second COVID-19 wave
- Sweden nears 'critical point' as coronavirus cases surge
- Belgium has the highest coronavirus infection rate in the European Union, surpassing that of the Czech Republic
- Nearly 200 airports in UK and Europe could go bust due to collapse in air travel
- New Zealand has reached 5 days without any coronavirus cases in the local community. Alert Level 1 nationwide (no restrictions)

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Vietnam prepares to evacuate 1.3 million people as typhoon approaches

They have been hitting hard by the recent floods and now this storm

Typhoon Molave, with wind speeds of 125 kilometers (77 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 150 kph (93.2 mph), left the main Philippine island of Luzon earlier on Monday, with heavy rain causing seven landslides and floods in 11 areas, the disaster agency said.

There were no reports of casualties, but 12 fishermen at sea failed to return to Catanduanes province off the country's eastern coast. Molave, known as Typhoon Quinta in the Philippines, was the 17th typhoon to hit the country this year.

It will be the fourth storm to hit Vietnam in a tumultuous month, during which floods and landslides have killed 130 people and left 20 missing in the central region. When Molave makes landfall, wind speeds are forecast to reach 135 kph (83.8 mph).

The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Victoria has recorded zero new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours and zero deaths, as Melburnians prepare for a significant easing of restrictions from Wednesday.

Well done Victoria for seeing this through. Lockdowns work.

After Wuhan eliminated the virus in 76 days with a strict lock down many said this can't happen in a "free" country. Well Australia has proved them wrong, this is a great success and congratulations to Australia.

Victoria is the state hardest hit by Coronavirus in Australia.

At the start of August, approximately 700 people in Victoria were testing positive each day. Today marks the first day since June 8th that we have gone a day without a new case.

Melbourne's 14-day rolling average for new cases has now fallen to 3.6, and there are seven "mystery" cases.

In regional Victoria the average remains at 0.2.

It is the first day since June 9 that no new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Victoria.

High schools in Melbourne return to normal after lockdown

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

China, Taiwan and Vietnam successfully contained coronavirus, now they are poster boys for export recovery

China, Taiwan and Vietnam were among the only economies who brought the spread of Covid-19 under control early on

Turkey was the only other nation within the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) data to show a recovery, although this was only marginal

Vietnam, whose exports surged by 10.9 per cent in the third quarter from a year earlier – the highest growth rate in the world, Unctad said – has reported only 1,141 cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday, with just 35 deaths.
China’s exports grew by 8.8 per cent in the third quarter, and while it had a crippling initial outbreak, with 85,715 cases and 4,634 deaths reported, the spread has slowed significantly and world’s most populous nation currently has only 247 active cases, thanks to severe and at the times controversial lockdown measures.

In Taiwan, exports grew by 6.4 per cent in the third quarter from a year earlier. It has reported a total of 543 cases of coronavirus, with only seven deaths since the start of the pandemic and none for more than six months.
Turkey was the only other nation within the Unctad dataset to show a recovery in exports, although this was only marginal 0.7 per cent.
In contrast, many other economies are still suffering from large numbers of infections and an inability to kick-start their trade economies, with exports from Japan, the United States and the European Union shrinking by between 11.6 and 9.7 per cent year on year in the third quarter, according to the Unctad’s Global Trade Update.

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The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Corocnavirus Updates:
- Daily infections exceed 50,000 in France – as it happened
- WHO chief warns against "vaccine nationalism"
- The World Health Organization’s coronavirus dashboard showed a third consecutive daily record high in the number of new confirmed cases.
- An official from China’s Xinjiang health commission said that 161 new asymptomatic cases have been detected in the region. All of the new cases were linked to a garment factory.
- The prime minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte announced a raft of new restrictions and warned that the country’s escalating coronavirus infection rate was already having a worrying impact on hospitals.
- In Indonesia, the health ministry reported 3,732 new coronavirus infections, and 94 deaths, bringing the totals to 389,712 cases and 13,299 deaths – the highest totals in south-east Asia.
- The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas in the United States said it was “extremely disappointed” after the Trump administration pulled out of a deal offering the Christmas legends early access to a Covid-19 vaccine in exchange for promoting it.
- Five aides to US Vice President Mike Pence test positive

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

The New Normal 2020

The New Normal 2020

Our new normal, in pictures

Global Covid cases reach new record for third day in a row, WHO reports

Some places across the globe are beginning to ease their coronavirus restrictions. Businesses are reopening, as are schools and sports leagues. But everything looks much different than what we are used to.

Many of us are still working from home. Others have lost their jobs and are looking for new ones. We continue to keep our distance from one another, whether it's in a park, out shopping or in our places of worship.

Meanwhile, the death toll continues to climb as the world rushes to find a vaccine. Even the way we mourn has been affected, as many funerals limit the number of people who can attend.

These images show just how much our daily lives have changed because of Covid-19.

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece reports biggest one-day increase on record
- Researchers in Japan confirmed that face masks are effective in reducing the intake of COVID, not just the spread.
- Canadians removed from EU's list of approved travellers because of rising COVID-19 cases
- Ireland imposes strictest coronavirus lockdown in Europe
- Cuomo is easing restrictions in some N.Y.C. virus hot spots, even as tough restrictions remain in other areas.
- Swamped with virus cases, North Dakota suspends contact tracing.

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- At least 10 countries hit record highs for avg. daily new cases
- COVID-19 is currently the 13th deadliest pandemic all-time in our world's history
- Pandemic Historian Says Masks Aren't New And They Worked In 1918
- U.S. COVID update: Hospitalizations at highest level since August
- Washington state tells BNO News it's investigating 120 suspected cases of COVID-19 reinfection. All have at least 3 months between both episodes, but more research is needed to confirm or rule out reinfection
- 40 states and territories are now on New York's travel advisory list
- All residents of Kansas nursing home infected with coronavirus, officials say
- Pope wears mask for first time at public service
- Coronavirus hospital admissions increasing in France
- Britain to infect healthy volunteers with coronavirus in vaccine challenge trials

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- World's coronavirus cases climbing at record level to 40 million
- Fauci says he is "absolutely not" surprised Trump got Covid-19
- European leaders face off against regions as a second wave engulfs continent
- Italy reports more than 11,000 new coronavirus cases, biggest one-day increase on record
- Malaysia reports single-day high of new Covid-19 cases
- With Covid-19 Under Control, China’s Economy Surges Ahead
- Masks made Czech Republic the envy of Europe, but cases are now skyrocketing there
- More than 46,000 fans gathered for a rugby match in New Zealand -- an unusual sight in 2020

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdates

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

How China Controlled the Coronavirus. America/EU couldn't handle it

In late February as coronavirus infections mounted in Wuhan, China, authorities went door-to-door for health checks – forcibly isolating every resident in makeshift hospitals and temporary quarantine shelters, even separating parents from young children who displayed symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how seemingly mild.

Caretakers at the city's ubiquitous large apartment buildings were pressed into service as ad hoc security guards, monitoring the temperatures of all residents, deciding who could come in and implementing inspections of delivered food and medicines.

Outside, drones hovered above streets, yelling at people to get inside and scolding them for not wearing face masks, while elsewhere in China facial-recognition software, linked to a mandatory phone app that color-coded people based on their contagion risk, decided who could enter shopping malls, subways, cafes and other public spaces.

China’s zero contact: ‘It seems extreme. It works’
China’s nationwide response vs. America’s patchwork
"China's response to the outbreak was truly a nationwide response: systematic, comprehensive and coordinated. This is why China was able to 'flatten the curve' so dramatically,

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate

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follow our new pages

Coronavirus Updates:
- Global coronavirus deaths surpass 1.1 million
- U.S. surpasses 64,000 new coronavirus infections two days in a row for first time since late July
- California will avoid reopening in “fits and starts” ahead of winter months, governor says
- Federal government wants to deliver vaccine shots within a day or two of FDA approval, officials say
- Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will not be ready until late November, after Election Day
- Europe set a record this week for new coronavirus infections, overtaking the United States in cases per capita.
- Europe’s ICU beds are nearing capacity in some areas, WHO says
- Roughly 10 percent of Vatican Swiss Guard, colorful pope protectors, test positive for virus
- Indonesia has sent a team to China to check the production and quality of COVID-19 vaccine candidates, an official confirmed on Friday.
- Aussies eye end to lockdown as virus numbers fall

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- The U.S. has passed the 8-million mark for known infections.
- U.S. ‘Headed in the Wrong Direction’ as a 3rd Peak Nears
- Millions of Americans slipped into poverty as federal aid dried up.
- Prisoners cannot be denied virus relief payments, a judge rules.
- ‘Yes, I would take it.’ Biden says he is ready for a coronavirus vaccine.
- Justin Trudeau: Canada-US border will stay closed until America gets COVID-19 under control
- France extends virus rules to the entire country as new cases threaten to overwhelm hospitals.
- France. Poland, Belgium registers a record biggest one-day increase on record

- London tightens restrictions as a second wave of virus cases washes over Europe.
- More Swiss Guards test positive, raising concerns for pope’s health.
- Israel plans to ease some lockdown restrictions.
- Russia reports record daily death toll from COVID-19

- Shutting down the country is "off the table," Fauci says.
He emphasized five basic public health measures:
1, Wearing masks
2, Physical distancing
3, Avoiding crowds
4, Washing hands
5, Opting for outdoor settings over indoor settings

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- China's Qingdao city tests more than 5.6 million people and finds no new cases so far
- With 33 US states reporting a rise in new Covid-19 cases, local officials worry this could be the beginning of the coming surge experts have warned about.
- US government invests more than $400 million in new, quick coronavirus test
- Fauci says Covid-19 vaccine development "on a really good track"
- All Netherlands bars and restaurants must close, prime minister says
- First person in Mexico tests positive for both Covid-19 and influenza
- Facebook says it will stop allowing ads that discourage vaccines
- Soccer superstar Ronaldo tests positive for coronavirus
- London mayor says tougher restrictions are “inevitable” in the coming days
- European countries agree to "traffic light" virus reporting and travel measures

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate

Follow our new pages

Follow our new pages

Ronaldo has tested positive for coronavirus, the Portuguese Football Federation said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the statement, Ronaldo is "well, without symptoms, and in isolation."e

The 35-year-old Juventus forward played for Portugal against France in the Nations League on Sunday and against Spain in a friendly last week.

Ronaldo will now miss his country's next Nations League fixture against Sweden on Wednesday, as well as Juventus' upcoming matches which include a Serie A clash with Crotone and a Champions League group game against Dynamo Kyiv.

Following Ronaldo's positive test, the Portuguese Football Federation also said that every player subsequently returned a negative test on Tuesday morning.

#coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate #China

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Debates 2020: The candidates debate jobs and the economy
Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris are debating at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Wednesday ahead of the November 3 elections. The event is being moderated by USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page, and will cover topics ranging from healthcare to the economy.

- VP Pence all but dodged a question about the White House Rose Garden ceremony that might have been a ‘superspreader’ event
- VP Pence outlines the Administration’s Coronavirus Response and says the Biden/Harris proposed plan just copies what they have already done.
- VP Pence blasts Kamala Harris on her questioning of Vaccine safety:

“Stop playing politics with peoples’ lives”

#VPDebate #Debate #President #PresidentialDebate #Trump #coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate

3rd person perspective

3rd person perspective

Coronavirus Updates:
- Global coronavirus cases surpass 36 million
- WHO official urges sick people to stay home
- Prestigious medical journal calls for US leadership to be voted out of office
- Top US immunologist quits health role over Trump Covid response
- Brazil surpasses five million coronavirus cases
- Italy makes masks ruling after concerns over case rises – as it happened
- Italy confirms swab tests for travellers from four countries, including the UK, following growing concerns about rising cases across Europe, and makes face masks compulsory outdoors.
- Italy tops 3,000 daily coronavirus cases for first time since April
- UK plans to reduce self-isolation period for international travelers
- France Covid-19 hospitalisations at a three-month high and new cases at an all-time high
- Brussels closes cafes and bars in new virus curbs
- Scotland’s pubs banned from serving alcohol inside for 16 days
- Berlin nightlife given first curfew in 70 years as Covid cases surge
- Singapore to offer baby bonus as people put plans on hold in Covid crisis
- Lebanon records highest daily Covid-19 case increase

#Debate #President #PresidentialDebate #Trump #coronavirus #pandemic #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus2020 #CoronaVirusUpdate


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